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You will find in our store friendly materials for your yoga and meditation practice: Kulala clothes, 100% organic cotton clothing produced and made in Spain. The garments are customizable (name, logo, etc). High quality and durable mats, with anti-slip surface and shock absorbing effect, light (600 gr, 61 x 183 cm). Nasal lids: The best way to clean the nose and keep the nasal passages clear is to regularly administer a nasal spray or Netla pull. Japa Malas: necklaces for meditation. Brushboo: We joined this initiative of toothbrushes environment-friendly. With its use it helps to keep our planet free of excessive consumption of plastic. Incenses: Japanese incense Morning Star created in the 60's. Its rich fragrances and the quality of the raw material have made this incense appreciated all over the world.

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