As a complement to yoga practices, we offer in our Center Abhyanga massage sessions. Abhyanga massage is one of the most complete massages that exists since,  in addition to mobilize muscles, oxygenate and activate circulation, gentle pressures are made at the so-called Marmas points. Marma is a Sanskrit word meaning "vulnerable or sensitive".  According to Ayurveda, marma points are areas of vital energy, energetic vertices, points of our anatomy that, conveniently stimulated, can serve to improve our health. Working on these marma points, the aim is to activate and unblock the prana, which is, the vital energy or flow that controls  cells functioning and the different systems of our organism (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic ...). Each marma point becomes a confluence of different types of tissues such as muscles, ligaments, veins, etc. At these points, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of each person converge.

The Abhyanga massage is therefore one of the basic and indispensable techniques of Ayurvedic Medicine. Its name means "anointed in oil", since different types of oils are used according to the biotype and needs of the person who receives it. In turn, the maneuvers change according to the needs giving a massage of the type: soft and sedative; slow and heavy or vigorous and energizing.


Although in a first massage we can alredy feel improvement or relief at psychophysical level, its regular practice offers us to enjoy multiple benefits at different levels:
  • Relaxation of the physical body

  • Rejuvenates, relaxes and invigorates muscle fibers, tendons, bones and skin

  • Aids in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Elimination of toxins

  • Improves the health of the skin and with this the most extensive defense barrier of our body

  • Improves immune system

Emotional and mental aspect
  • Mental clarity and concentration

  • Strengthens self-esteem and confidence

  • Relieves tension and reduces pain

  • Energy blockages are eliminated

  • Facilitates sleep, fights insomnia

  • Increase vitality

Finally, it’s important to highlight that there are no contraindications since the massage will be done contemplating the person in his totality and in the circumstances that are in that moment. In this way, everyone can enjoy the massage: children, pregnant women, the elderly, etc.


The sessions last 60 min. except for those made for children that will be shortened to 30 min. according to the needs.

40€ general public.

30€ our students.

25€ children.