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Our classes

Our practices are based on the classic Patanjali yoga, which involve a comprehensive system of learning (body, mind and spirit). There is no specific sequence of postures (asanas) to be repeated, but we take into account more than 5000 existing asanas, with all their variants. This, combined with the breathing (pranayamas), produces a beneficial effect on the physical level, as well as on the emotional and mental, allowing the student to enjoy the practice,  respecting his/her possibilities.

The aim of the practice is to be aware of ourselves as a complete being through the physical body, seeking constant focus on the sensations happening within us. Also, on an emotional level, accepting the flow of emotions to finally stabilize our mind, enabling a deeper state of consciousness and, with regular practice, the meditative state.


Small groups

We want to offer you safe and adequate practices to your needs; that's why we ensure you classes in small groups. Thus, besides giving you the necessary attention and supervision in each asana or exercise, an intimate and introspective environment is created that favors the state of relaxation and meditation. 

The sessions last approximately 75 minutes, and the practice is divided into:

  • Opening: initial awareness. Deepening in the breath. Warm up: kriyas, pranayamas and movements to prepare the joints.

  • Asanas: it is the central axis of the practice. We work the permanence in different asanas according to the purpose of the session in particular.

  • Relaxation: relaxation is practiced in savasana, doing a mental tour across the body as an "scanner", to release physical tensions and focus our senses inward.

  • Closing: at the end of each practice, we dedicate time to a small concentration. We use: mantras, kirtan, consciousness exercises and vipassana meditation.


Fares We offer a wide variety of rates and assistance modalities, find yours here:


once a week

40€ / month


Twice a week

60€ / month



80€ / month

If you do not want to commit yourself and prefer to decide as you go:
  • One practice: 12€

  • 5 practices pass: 50€

Gift card

You can include the services you want, with the aforementioned rates, or combine them with other services offered by the center, so that your gift is as personalized as possible (see retreats, abhyanga massage, etc.)



Hatha Yoga; all levels


Restorative yoga: gentle practice, ideal for those who want to recover vitality and well-being through movement, stretching and breathing (pranayamas)


Hatha Yoga; all levels


Hatha Yoga, all levels


Hypopressive; exercises have become a relatively new technique that aim to stimulate abdominal and pelvic muscles, which help greatly in toning your abs and strengthening your core.


Hatha Yoga, all levels


Hatha Yoga, all levels


Hatha Yoga; all levels


Mindfulness;course based on traditional Vipassana Buddhist meditation ( next in october)


Yoga Kids; the childrens discover all the benefits of yoga through games, meditations and songs (ages 6-9)


Restorative yoga: gentle practice, ideal for those who want to recover vitality and well-being through movement, stretching and breathing (pranayamas)


Oriental dance; beginners


Oriental dance; intermediate, advanced. 90 minutes


Hatha Yoga, all levels