About us

 Centro Yoga Mallorca is a contemporary yoga studio offering professional instruction to those seeking balance of mind and body. Our space consists of a reception or hall, a massage room (also for individual therapies), changing room, toilet, shop area and the practice room of 60 m2, heated and air-conditioned.

We have materials for your yoga practice such as mats, belts, blocks, blankets, cushions, balls, wall bars, etc.

Regular yoga practices, retreats, workshops, Mindfulness courses are offered in it,  and also the opportunity to those self-employed professionals in this sector who are looking for a space to develop their activity: (psychotherapists, group therapists, masseurs, etc ...) Yes, if you are freelancer and you are interested in giving workshops or any other type of activity related to your profession, do not hesitate to contact us!

Florencia Gastelu

The soul and head of YOGA MALLORCA is Florencia Gastelu, originally from Buenos Aires, with an extensive career behind her back of 15 years, dedicated to the study and practice of yoga. His first training (2007) is carried out in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she deepens her knowledge in Swastya Yoga, a systematization of classical yoga.

In 2010 she arrives in Mallorca where she completes different formations in Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, Abhyanga Massage, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. She is currently finishing her studies in Naturopathy.

Her vocation and passion to transmit yoga and its philosophy take her one step further to get involved into this new project: opening the CENTRO YOGA MALLORCA.


Here you can read the interview that the Prontopro Magazine did to Florencia Gastelu.

I have always lived yoga as an opportunity for personal growth, self-knowledge , and from there I try to transmit it in my practices. We seek acceptance and respect for our limitations, both physical (flexibility, strength, ...) and mental (what do we say at each moment, which are our beliefs about what we are doing,...) to finally , also observe the flow of emotions derived from that. The practice itself brings to light those aspects of ourselves that we need to work on the most. The main thing is to be present in body and mind regardless of the result. Our own experience and being aware of the unity we are: body /mind /spirit, is what allows us to advance and deepen our practice.
Florencia Gastelu, founder